Easily Running Custom Scripts in a Bootstrapped Laravel Environment

Laravel is pretty great. It conveniently includes a very robust command line tool, artisan, that can very easily be extended with custom commands.

That's great and meets most needs, but what if you want to just run an arbitrary script inside your bootstrapped laravel environment without having to create a specific artisan command to do so?

If you find yourself needing or wanting to do this, I have a solution for you that keeps things pretty simple, the way working with laravel tends to be.


Making VueJS and DataTables Play Nice

Vue / DataTablesI recently started using VueJS.  Well, I suppose more specifically I've recently started learning VueJS by using it on a project.

The project was formerly a rather messy nodeJS/AngularJS project which is being rebuilt with Laravel, but parts of the frontend needed to remain more real-timey.

Anyway, I needed Datatables to play nice with Vue so that I could leverage it to render dynamic tables with fixed headers and columns (the whole purpose of picking DataTables in the first place).

When I built this in Angular I was able to make use of a custom angular directive that I found, it wasn't ideal but it worked -- mostly.  I was unable to track down anything similar for Vue, so I built something myself.


AngularJS on top of Drupal

AngularJS can be used along with, or more precisely on top of, Drupal fairly painlessly.

I've had a few occasions recently that called for a good deal of javascript to process and display data, and angular really is a great fit for that. Not only is angular a great fit, but since it's pretty painless to build up various content types in Drupal, and then query against those and prepare data to feed to an angular application, pairing Drupal with Angular has been productive, fun, and interesting.