Ironium Queues with AdonisJS - aka I released an npm package

Ironium Queues with AdonisJS - aka I released an npm package

Many months back, when I first started working on moving our production application off of Meteor onto Adonis, I did some exploring on queue options available. Adonis does not currently provide a queue solution out of the box.

I found a couple options, but I really wanted something that would work with SQS as we already are pretty heavily invested in the AWS ecosystem. So I stumbled upon Ironium, which seems pretty cool. One simple API that will work with Beanstalkd, IronMQ, and SQS! Sweet. So I started implementing a service provider wrapper around that so that it would work nicely with Adonis. As happens when you're juggling many tasks, it got pushed to the back burner and forgotten about – until today.

Turns out I hadn't made anywhere near the progress on it that I'd thought I had. Either that or my code was elsewhere from where I looked today, so I started anew, heavily borrowing from the Adonis Kue package, and now have released into the wild a very alpha, though ought to work just fine, adonis-ironium package. Which also just-so-happens to be my first ever npm package, so that's fun.

I'm extra proud, in that I made it auto-populate the default config file and pop up install instructions automatically when installed via adonis install. Neither of which is documented really at all from what I could tell, but ends up being pretty easy to implement... more on that in a future post perhaps.

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