AJAX Buttons and how to make Drupal less dumb about which was clicked

I've struggled with this in the past, and every time I work on a project with a custom FAPI form that involves multiple elements and submit buttons to either add another, or do some other fun AJAXy goodness it seems to rear its head again. In the past I've found various messy ways to resolve the problem, but I think I've finally discovered the real "clean" way.

What's the problem I'm talking about?

Suppose you have three instances of a custom compound field, each with an ajax button to go perform some action and update another element in the "field" ... Initial testing seems to be working fine, until you actually add multiple instances and realize that no matter which button you click it's behaving as if the LAST instance of that button was clicked.  Furthermore, I can never seem to find the solution documented anywhere.  Infuriating! Surely I'm not the ONLY person who struggles with this.


Extending the Follow Module to Add Custom Networks

Extending the follow module is really pretty simple.  

Follow along, I'll show you how it's done!
(Bad pun may or may not have been intended)


AngularJS and Twitter Bootstrap playing nicely?

It seems a large contingent of people have an inordinately difficult time getting AngularJS and Twitter Bootstrap to play nice together.

Maybe I'm lucky, maybe I'm doing something right, or maybe I'm doing something wrong, but for me.. it just works.