AngularJS and Twitter Bootstrap playing nicely?

It seems a large contingent of people have an inordinately difficult time getting AngularJS and Twitter Bootstrap to play nice together.

Maybe I'm lucky, maybe I'm doing something right, or maybe I'm doing something wrong, but for me.. it just works.

I'm still pretty new to Angular, so I won't presume to tell you how to do things.  But having read about all the various struggles people have working with some of the Twitter Bootstrap UI pieces, drop downs, tabs, and modals for example, I guess I expected my mileage not to vary much.

As it turns out, my mileage does vary.  I don't know if I'm doing things wrong or right, but I've been very pleased with these two pieces of technology playing nicely with eachother on my current little web app project.

So, when I ran across this question on stack overflow regarding getting modals to work without polluting the DOM with excessive instances of the modal markup, I decided I'd share my experience and approach.

Any AngularJS gurus who may stumble across this, please be gentle if I'm way off here -- remember, I'm still a noob :)