January 2013


AngularJS and Twitter Bootstrap playing nicely?

It seems a large contingent of people have an inordinately difficult time getting AngularJS and Twitter Bootstrap to play nice together.

Maybe I'm lucky, maybe I'm doing something right, or maybe I'm doing something wrong, but for me.. it just works.


Notifications with AngularJS

I participate, with a group of friends, each year in the annual KVSC Trivia weekend. It's a good time, challenging, and fun. One of the extra challenges we face is that our team, aside from being smaller than several of the other teams that compete, is not all physically located in the same place. We have a number of remote players.

A few years back I decided to take on the challenge of building a custom web app to better facilitate participation of those remote players as well as better keep track of what's going on. By that I mean, I (we) wanted a way to keep track (up to the second) what questions were currently open, any guesses for those questions that hadn't yet been called in, and maybe some nice looking stats and graphs.

In previous years this app has been built on Drupal (first Drupal 6, then last year rebuilt fresh in Drupal 7). That worked out mostly alright, though as the weekend wore on, the site would become significantly less and less performant.