Notifications with AngularJS

I participate, with a group of friends, each year in the annual KVSC Trivia weekend. It's a good time, challenging, and fun. One of the extra challenges we face is that our team, aside from being smaller than several of the other teams that compete, is not all physically located in the same place. We have a number of remote players.

A few years back I decided to take on the challenge of building a custom web app to better facilitate participation of those remote players as well as better keep track of what's going on. By that I mean, I (we) wanted a way to keep track (up to the second) what questions were currently open, any guesses for those questions that hadn't yet been called in, and maybe some nice looking stats and graphs.

In previous years this app has been built on Drupal (first Drupal 6, then last year rebuilt fresh in Drupal 7). That worked out mostly alright, though as the weekend wore on, the site would become significantly less and less performant.


Adding one or more fields to the Drupal 7 contact form

Usually when someone wants a custom contact form on their Drupal website the easiest solution is to use the webform module, however if you don't need to store submissions on your site, and you're only looking to add one or two fields, adding fields with a form_alter might be a better option for you.

This would probably be especially true if you had no other reason to install the webform module on your site.


Parsing a Youtube URL

More than a few times in the past few years I've been tasked with enabling a user to add a youtube video to a piece of content in Drupal.

Sure there are specific modules out there that try to address this, but more often than not they do way more than what is needed, which generally ends up being simply that -- I want a youtube video added to this content type.

Well, I've once again had to deal with this situation, and this time around I think I found a fairly elegant solution.